The Mining Mystery: About

The Mining Mystery is a 3D puzzle game. The idea is that you're walking around in a mine trying to get to the surface. On the way to the surface you have to solve numerous puzzles and find your way through the caverns. In case you are wondering: it's not an FPS and does not have any enemies, even though the controls might resemble an FPS game.

The game was made with <a href="">GLScene</a> for Delphi.

The game is the result of trying to learn 3D programming and a few new techniques.

Theres still room for improvement, but I'm quite proud of it as a first try. For example it's not exactly stunning graphics wise but it was not meant to be. Also I have some ideas, from the experience I gained making this, about how to handle larger worlds, making them more resource efficient. But that will most likely not be implemented into this game.

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